St John’s Hospice Treasure Hunt – rules

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To enter the exciting £500 St John’s Hospice Treasure Hunt in conjunction with Furness Building Society and the Lancaster Guardian — all you have to do is solve the published clues and work out where the treasure chest is hidden.

The Guardian will be printing 3 clues every week for the next 3 weeks, starting on June 28th 2012.

The clues will reveal a location in Lancaster. You will need to collect one letter from each of the first 8 clues. They will form an anagram for a location in Lancaster. Simply solve the anagram to find the location.

A final picture clue will show the precise location of the chest.

The clues will also be available to view at Furness Building Society’s branch at 2 Lancaster Gate.

The St John’s Hospice treasure chest will be found on publicly accessible land.

No digging will be required and no tools or equipment will be needed to get to the chest.

The finder must have with them a copy of the Lancaster Guardian containing the final clues.

Once the chest is discovered they must take the chest, and a copy of the Lancaster Guardian containing the final clues, to Furness Building Society’s branch at 2 Lancaster Gate to claim the £500 prize from the Society.

No employees of Furness Building Society, Lancaster Guardian and its publishers, and St John’s Hospice or their families are eligible to enter the competition. All usual (newspaper/publisher) competition rules apply. These are available on our website at (web site address etc.).

In the event of two or more people discovering the treasure chest simultaneously an adjudicator will make a final division on the winner or winners. The adjudicator’s decision is final.

There is no alternative to the prize as stated, and all conditions listed above must be complied with to claim the prize.

The winner will be required to open an instant access account to claim their prize and therefore must have with them when they attend a Furness Building Society branch one of the following documents to provide evidence of identity: a current valid passport; or national identity card; or a current valid photocard dirivng licence; or a current valid firearms certificate or shotgun licence. Alternatively the winner may produce a valid old style driving licence or recent evidence (within last 3 months) of payment of state pension or other government benefit/tax credit.

If these documents are used they must also be accompanied by one of the following: a current council tax letter; or a grant of probate; or a recent (within last 3 months) bank or credit card statement; or a recent (within last 3 months) utility bill.

If the winner already holds an account with the Furness Building Society and personal details have not changed proof of identify may not be required to open the account. The Society reserves the right to carry out any further checks on the winner’s identity if necessary to comply with legal obligations.