Special award
for schoolgirl hero Anna

Anna with her bouquet of chocolates.
Anna with her bouquet of chocolates.

A 10-year-old girl who helps out at a nursing home has been hailed a “young hero”.

Anna Wilson, from Heyham, is a regular visitor to the Hillcroft Nursing Home in Westbourne Road, Lancaster and she was given a special award by the directors of the company.

Anna and Alan.

Anna and Alan.

Her grandfather, Alan Langridge, has been a resident at the home, which specialises in caring for those with dementia, for the past two years.

Tracey Burrell, the matron of the nursing home, explained that “nothing is too much” for the youngster.

She said: “When Anna comes in she isn’t fazed by the other residents, she will sit with them, talk to them and help give out drinks at meal times.

“She’s been doing it since she was about eight.”

Anna's award from Hillcroft Nursing Home.

Anna's award from Hillcroft Nursing Home.

To thank Anna for her caring nature she was presented with a special award and a bouquet of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

Anna said: “It means so much to be given an award like this.

“I think caring for people is very important and I enjoy coming in here and seeing everyone – they are like an extension of my family.”

Many of the residents at the Lancaster home exhibit challenging behaviour and interaction with children can really “brighten them up”.

Mrs Burrell said: “When Anna comes in she’s just full of enthusiasm and the residents really respond to her energy. She comes in to visit her grandfather but she takes the time to talk to the other residents and always brings a smile to their faces.”

Anna’s mother, Wendy Langridge, spoke of how proud she is of her daughter and believes her daughter will go on to care for others later in life. She said: “Coming and visiting her granddad here has definitely brought out Anna’s caring side and she’s very comfortable when visiting here.

“Receiving this award will mean a lot to her.”