South Lakes election results

THE LIBERAL Democrats tightened their grip on South Lakeland District Council while boosting their influence in Kirkby Lonsdale in last week's local election.

Every seat was up for grabs after boundary changes which have reduced the number of councillors from 52 to 51.

The Lib Dems increased their representation from 33 to 36 councillors, while the Conservatives are down from 15 members to 14 and the number of Labour councillors was cut from two to one.

The Greens lost their solitary seat while Independent councillor David Foot did not stand for re-election.

The amalgamation of the Kirkby Lonsdale and Sedbergh wards saw the political balance in the area swing away from the Tories.

Until last week they had two councillors while the Lib Dems had one member but those numbers were reversed with Conservative Coun Rodger Read, who represented Kirkby Lonsdale, losing his seat after two years on the council.

Fellow Tory, Coun Kevin Lancaster, who last year represented Sedbergh, was re-elected but will be joined in the new ward by Lib Dems Peter Woof and Ian McPherson.

In Milnthorpe, where Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Farron chose to stand down, parish councillor Alan Baverstock retained the seat for the Lib Dems.

LOCAL RESULTS * denotes sitting councillor (although the ward may have changed following boundary changes)


JUPE, Pru *, Lib Dem, 1,337 votes, STEWART, Ian, Lib Dem, 1,292, FISHER, Peter, Conservative, 845, BLONSKY, Sue, Conservative, 836.


BINGHAM, Roger Kenneth *, Conservative, 1,132, COOPER, Brian, Conservative, 916, JOHNSTON, Geoff, Lib Dem, 597, CHANDLER, Scott, Lib Dem, 524.

LEVENS (1 seat)

WOOF, Brenda Elizabeth *, Lib Dem, 737, HULME, Ailsa, Conservative, 412.


BAVERSTOCK, Alan Joslyn, Lib Dem, 681, COYLE, Mike, Conservative, 222.


LANCASTER, Kevin John *, Conservative, 1,432, WOOF, Peter, Lib Dem, 1,274, McPHERSON, Ian, Lib Dem, 1,245, READ, Rodger *, Conservative, 1,210, PEARSON, Fenner James, Lib Dem, 1,183, FENWICK, Anne, Conservative 1,127.