Soldier shocked at theft of his precious war medals

Shocking theft:  The stolen medals
Shocking theft: The stolen medals

Medals belonging to a serviceman who has done five tours in Afghanistan have been stolen.

Kylo Gorman, 28, was shocked when he discovered his two medals, one for his 
services in Afghanistan and one for service personnel for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, had been snatched from his wife’s car.

RAF Corporal Kylo Gorman

RAF Corporal Kylo Gorman

Kylo said: “My uniform was being readjusted so I had taken the medals off and put them in the centre console of the car.

“The car was broken into along with a number of other cars on the street. I’m not sentimental but they are my medals that I earned. I’m so gutted.

“The medals aren’t worth a great deal, one is selling on eBay for £20, its the sentimental value really.

“I’ve been keeping an eye out on the popular auction sites and the news has been spread a lot via social media.

“As time goes on I have become more overwhelmed, these are medals that my kids could be looking at. I can’t see what they (the thieves) would get out of it. It’s a pretty bad thing to do.

“One of the medals has SAC Kyle Gorman on it. My wife Kelly is devastated as well.

“There are some horrible people out there.”

The soldier, who has been in the RAF for 10 years, is leaving in April and will become a personal trainer at Bayfit on White Lund Industrial Estate in Morecambe.

The medals were taken from the car when it was parked on Sunnybank Avenue, Bolton-le-Sands. Police said they were investigating the theft, which took place between 9pm on January 4 and 8am on January 5.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101, Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit