Soap star to perform at Dukes

Becky Hindley.
Becky Hindley.

A FORMER Coronation Street actress will be appearing close to her Warton home when she performs at The Dukes later this month.

To millions of Corrie fans, Becky Hindley will be familiar as the teacher turned stalker Charlotte Hoyle who met her fate at the hands of serial killer John Stape in the 50th anniversary episode of the soap.

But from September 27 to October 1 in Lancaster, Becky will play Lydia Robinson in the new Northern Broadsides Bronte drama We Are Three Sisters.

It’s claimed that Lydia, while still married to a vicar, led the Bronte’s brother, Branwell, astray and her rejection of him began his downward spiral of drunkenness and drug abuse.

“Apparently, Lydia Robinson was a ‘bit of a one’,” said Becky,46. “She was only in the Brontes lives for a short time but made quite a big impact.”

Much like Charlotte’s character during her eight-month stint in Coronation Street.

Becky said: “I was originally cast for two episodes but the writers told me they could see the madness behind her eyes. They carried on writing this brilliant character with this fantastic storyline.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (22-09-11) for full story.