Snookered hits target

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A LANCASTER theatre has cued up a new drama probing the lives of young Muslim men during a night out at the snooker hall.

Snookered, which will be staged at The Dukes on Moor Lane, is the first stage production written by Ishy Din, whose career has ranged from video shop and restaurant ventures to selling mobile phones and driving minicabs.

Ishy said: “I used to be a taxi driver and now I’m a playwright who drives a taxi.

“I feel privileged I’ve been given the opportunity to express myself, otherwise my voice as a Northern British Asian would be muted, and my attempts to open a window on a largely unexplored world would be firmly shut.”

Snookered has a five-strong cast including Burnley-born Muzz Khan who, along with fellow cast member Asif Khan, appeared in Mixed Up North, which enjoyed a run at The Dukes in 2009.

See the Lancaster Guardian (09-02-12) for full story.