Smoke alarm saves man’s life after Lancaster kitchen fire

Crews were called to Willow Lane, Lancaster.
Crews were called to Willow Lane, Lancaster.

A smoke alarm saved a man’s life after a pan caught fire when he fell asleep in his Lancaster home.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has urged people not to use cookers after drinking alcohol after the incident early this morning, Thursday, December 19.

Two fire engines from Lancaster were called to a two-floor terraced house on Willow Lane, near West Road, at 12.43am.

The man inside managed to escape the house and call for help after smelling smoke.

Crews found a pan on fire in the kitchen and that smoke had caused minor damage to the property.

They used a ventilation fan to clear the house of smoke.

A spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: “The person in the property had had a couple of drinks and decided to make something to eat and fallen asleep but woke up when he heard the smoke alarm.

“The smoke alarm saved his life in this situation. He called the fire service and we put the fire out - obviously if he hadn’t had that working smoke alarm it might have been a lot different - he may not have woken up in time or been able to get out.

“Everyone should have a working smoke alarm in their house but, if you’re going to have a drink, don’t use a cooker or chip pan.

“Go and get a takeaway or make a sandwich, rather than putting on the cooker.”