Smart technology replaces notepad

The traditional pocket notebooks used by police are being replaced with digital devices as part of an investment in technology.

Police in Cumbria, including officers, PCSOs, special constables and certain members of police staff, are now using Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices, running on EE’s 4G mobile network.

Once an officer is issued with their Smart Device they will use this as part of their daily duties, replacing the old pocket notebook, and providing them with tailored policing apps to assist them in tackling crime and anti-social behavior.

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The Constabulary is making an investment of approximately £1.8 million over three years, into mobile and digital working.

This money has been provided by the Police & Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes and the Home Office Innovation Fund. The investment will enable the Constabulary to save the equivalent of £3.3 million over the same period, increasing the amount of time officers are able to spend in the community, keeping people safe and dealing with crime.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Steve Johnson said: “Currently officers spend a large amount of their time on duty in police stations writing up paperwork and duplicating this across a number of forms for one incident.

“The Smart Devices resolve this issue by enabling officers to input data once and use this for a number of forms. This change will see officers spend more time in the community and out of police stations.”