Slip sliding on icy cycle path

Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge

A Scorton man out for a bike ride in Lancaster at the weekend said he was appalled by the dangerous state of the cycle path near Millennium Bridge.

Matt Hodges, of Gubberford Lane, said he was riding on his three wheeled tandem trike with his wife on Saturday, and saw several elderly pedestrians struggling to stay upright as they slithered about on black ice that covered the approach to the Millennium Bridge.

“I also saw one cyclist who had fallen on the ice and another who I think had fallen though he was standing examining his bike when I slithered past,” he said.

“There had clearly been no attempt to salt this very busy path and it was still in a dangerous condition when I returned some two and a half hours later.”

Mr Hodges said that based on figures given to him by the county council, he estimated that around 4,000 pedestrians and cyclists use the route every week day.

He added: “Lancashire County Council have been trying to persuade people to walk and cycle for their own health, and to ease the congestion and air pollution caused by the the excessive numbers of cars in the city.

“Yet as soon as we get a bit of ice or snow they abandon those of us who have followed their advice and look after only those in cars.”

Mr Hodges pointed out that the county council’s website offered this advice: “Point your feet out slightly.

“Spreading your feet out slightly while walking on ice increases your centre of gravity.”

On Wednesday morning, council workers could be seen gritting the approach to the bridge on the west side of the river.