Skatepark plan runs into village opposition

Young people in Silverdale who would like to see a skatepark built on community land
Young people in Silverdale who would like to see a skatepark built on community land

Plans for a new skatepark on community land in Silverdale have been rejected by the Village Institute.

Silverdale Parish Council asked the Institute to consider allowing the creation of a skatepark for young people on its land, but at a meeting on Thursday night, the committee voted against the request due to its location.

The proposal has split opinion in the village, with many arguments being put forward for and against it.

Young people in Silverdale stated their reasons for wanting the skatepark, including the fact that there was very little for them to do in the village, and the parish council supported their aspirations.

The land is situated in Spring Bank, close to the village centre. Terry Bond, chair of Silverdale Parish Council said: “We’ve had no official word from the Institute’s committee about their decision, and we’ve not been given any reasons for why they turned it down.

“I’m disappointed with the decision, but we’ll live with it and we’ll move on and look at it again. We’ve provided the Institute with some information, which we hope they will take into consideration.”

Tim Stothert, who represents Silverdale Youth Group said: “I really want to push to have more things at the Institute and on the fields (as well as a skatepark) for the kids and teenagers of Silverdale to keep them occupied.

“The Hall and land were given to the village for the benefit of all ages groups and if we use them as such, this will re-generate and bring alive our lovely village.”

Kelvin Mashiter, chair of Silverdale Village Institute’s board of trustees said on behalf of the committee: “The committee of Silverdale Village Institute considered very carefully the proposals submitted to them regarding the skateboard park.

“An in-depth report was prepared taking into account all interested parties’ views including guidelines from local authorities website etc.

“This report took some three months to prepare and based on the findings in the report the committee took the view that proposed location was inappropriate and a majority voted against the proposal.”