Sit-in will raise cash for Snoopy

Lancaster Animal Care Volunteer Caroline Moorby with Snoopy
Lancaster Animal Care Volunteer Caroline Moorby with Snoopy

Volunteers at Lancaster charity Animal Care will be staging a sit-in later this month to help raise the money needed for one of their 
puppies to be treated.

Cross-breed Snoopy needs surgery on his hips to enable him to walk pain-free, which could cost up to £7,000.

Animal Care has set up a separate fundraising account for those who want to help Snoopy.

Almost £1,000 has already been raised.

And sanctuary volunteers Caroline Moorby, Karen Needham and Kerry McKay will be spending 24 hours with Snoopy from 10am on February 28 in a bid to boost the funds.

Caroline said: “Snoopy is on medication for the pain he’s in. He needs the surgery to be able to live a pain-free life.”

Snoopy is only 10 months old and is unable to have the operation until he is a year old, when his bones will be fully formed.

Animal Care manager Diane Lambert said: “Snoopy’s hips haven’t formed correctly so they don’t sit in their sockets. He is in quite a lot of discomfort and hasn’t built up the muscles in his back legs as a result.

“He is only allowed 20 minutes of exercise a day but he still jumps around and is quite daft. He’s a big softie.

“He has a room padded with duvets to protect him.”

Snoopy will be treated by Bay Vets, and will need after care and physiotherapy after the surgery.

Diane added: “We want him to have a good quality of life, be in less pain and be more mobile.

“People are being really generous in giving donations to help him.”

You can help Snoopy by donating at justgiving.com/help-snoopy.