Sign saga for drop-in centre rumbles on

A wrangle over a sign directing people to a charity for those with neurological needs is rumbling on.

Thursday, 16th February 2017, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 12:18 pm
The sign for the Neuro Drop In centre has been taken down by the Highways Authority as well as the signr for HMP Lancaster Farms. Pic: Google Street View.

Last week it was revealed by the Lancaster Guardian that the highways authority had removed a sign for the Neuro Drop In centre at Lancaster Farms due to roadworks.

But the charity were outraged that the sign had been taken down because they said no-one would be able to find the drop in centre.

Founder of Neuro Drop In Sharon Jackson said: “We have had to apply for a new sign, which might not be accepted, and which might also cost £200 just for the application.

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“Then if we get accepted. some of the signs cost up to £8k which we couldn’t afford.

“It just frustrates me that we have this nonsense to deal with.

“It would just be nice for a change if someone could help us. We are not the British Heart Foundation, or the hospice, we are just trying to do our best in a small way.

“Now we are just waiting to hear if our application will even be accepted.”

“It’s really difficult because we are offering a vital service to people with neurological conditions but we need the sign to direct people here.”

Sharon said the charity originally had two A board signs which cost £120 each but both were stolen.

Another sign that was chained to a post kept blowing into the road so had to be removed in case passers-by or cars were hit.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We have discussed signage with the neurological centre and will advise them of the options once we have fully considered their application.

“We receive enquiries about signage from many organisations and have a process in place to ensure they are all treated equally.

“We don’t charge people to make an application, and only apply a fee to cover the cost of carrying out the assessment as part of the overall cost of the signage if someone decides to go ahead with it following the application process.”