Siblings hurt in Zambian crash

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A Lancaster brother and sister have been injured in a road accident while on holiday in Zambia.

Banji Ntembe, 13, has undergone surgery twice after suffering a severe cut across his forehead, while his 11-year-old sister Doniwe broke her left foot.

The pair were in a Honda Odyssey car with their mother Elizabeth, her fiance, their auntie and their cousin when the accident happened just outside the Zambian capital Lusaka in the early hours of December 11.

No other vehicles were involved in the incident, and the Our Lady’s Catholic College pupils were the only ones injured.

The siblings are in Zambia for their mother’s wedding this week.

Banji spent six days in Levy Mwanawasa Hospital in Lusaka, where he underwent an MRI scan, but has now been discharged, while his sister did not need to stay in hospital.

The children’s father, Joseph Ntembe, of Townley Street in Morecambe, said he now wants to get them home quickly.

Because of Banji’s severe injuries, I would like to get him home as soon as possible,” Mr Ntembe said. He can hardly open his eyes or speak and he has no glasses to wear as they were smashed in the accident, and he is surrounded by people he doesn’t know.

“I spoke to the doctor in Lusaka and he was quite happy with Banji’s progress.

“He said that if we have the privilege of being in England it would be good for Banji to have the treatment here.

“I want him back here to get any more medical treatment he might need.”

The family are all British Citizens, moving to England from Zambia in 2004.

Mr and Mrs Ntembe, who have two other children, separated in 2008 and the children live with their mother, a nurse at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, in Lancaster.