Shrimps aim to end domestic violence

The Morecambe FC squad back the White Ribbon domestic violence campaign.
The Morecambe FC squad back the White Ribbon domestic violence campaign.

Morecambe footballers have backed a drive to stop domestic violence.

The Shrimps’ first team pledged their support for White Ribbon Day inspired by the White Ribbon Pledge – a national campaign led by men to stop domestic abuse.

White Ribbon Day will be held on November 25.

“People who take the White Ribbon Pledge do not believe that violence is inherent in those carrying out the abuse,” said Kirsty Thompson, community worker for domestic abuse service LetGo North Lancashire.

“Instead they believe that it is a learned behaviour which we all need to challenge to make sure it becomes culturally unacceptable.”

One in three women will suffer domestic abuse in their lifetime and that on average, two women in England and Wales are killed by a partner every week.

Statistics for male victims are less conclusive as men often don’t report abuse as they believe it will not be taken seriously.

“We need men and women to recognise and speak out against domestic violence,” said Kirsty.

“We need positive role models for young people and zero tolerance of violent behaviour in any personal relationship.

“Domestic abuse has a huge and negative impact on our communities. It damages families and costs our society millions in order to pick up the pieces. Wearing your ribbon shows your commitment to ending domestic abuse.

“It shows respect to those who have experienced domestic abuse and it helps educate those who are not aware of the realities of domestic abuse.”

If you would like to know more about the campaign or someone you know is suffering domestic abuse please contact LetGo Lancashire confidentially for advice and support on 01524 61398.