Shock after mum-of-two finds bag of drugs outside Morecambe primary school

A mum-of-two was shocked to find a bag of hard drugs outside a Morecambe primary school.

Tuesday, 20th September 2016, 10:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:01 pm
Police have issued a warning after a bag of drugs was found outside a school in Morecambe.

Cheryl O’Brien, who has two sons aged five and three, was walking her oldest son Mackenzie to school when her dog sniffed the drugs out on the floor.

Cheryl, 27, of Christie Avenue, Morecambe, said: “I was outside Lancaster Road school and it was the dog that found the bag on the floor, it looked like icing from a cake.

“It was right in front the school gates, like someone had dropped it by accident.

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“A kid wouldn’t know any different, they could have thought it was sweets.

“I didn’t let on I had found anything because the kids were running on ahead slightly.

“It was in a bright pink bag so they might have wanted to investigate.

“I don’t think the people that take these drugs think about the consequences if they drop it near a school.”

Police have issued a warning after the drugs were found outside Lancaster Road County Primary School.

The small quantity of drugs, in a small pink plastic snap bag, was handed in at the front counter of Morecambe police station at 8.45am on Thursday.

Sgt Lindsay Brown, of Morecambe Police, said: “The drugs have not been tested but have the appearance of amphetamine paste. It appears to be enough for a dose for one person.

“The drugs will be destroyed and it is unlikely there will be any more found.

“We would advise parents to hand anything of that nature in to us.

“We would also advise parents to warn children if they do see it, not to pick it up.”

Paul Gabriel, headteacher at Lancaster Road Primary School, Morecambe, said: “The incident has no link to our school other than that it happened nearby, but I’ve personally thanked the member of the public who reported it for their community-minded action.

“We have also taken the opportunity to talk to the children about some of the issues it has raised and their response has been as sensible and thoughtful as ever.

“We have no reason to believe it was anything other than an isolated incident.”