Ship Hotel in Overton bought by villager

The Ship Hotel in Overton near Heysham.
The Ship Hotel in Overton near Heysham.

A much loved Overton pub which closed down in 2014 has been bought by a villager.

Private property landlord Jonathan Higginson, who has lived in Overton since 1997, has purchased The Ship hotel in the village and will be renovating it over the next few months before it will be rented out as a pub by the spring.

Jonathan said: “I didn’t need or want a pub but it just needs an individual to put their hand in their pocket and buy it.

“We hope to reinstate the village egg collection to its former home. It’s a very historic Victorian collection of over 5,000 birds eggs in a case which is currently in safe keeping.

“Structurally the building is fine but it needs carpets and decorating.

“All the pumps and equipment need reinstating but the original Victorian bar is still in situ.

“My advice to villagers would be ‘use it or lose it.”