Shining a light on tomorrow

Forced entertainment
Forced entertainment

International innovators Forced Entertainment are bringing their latest performance to Live at LICA.

Tomorrow’s Parties is a show that speculates about what tomorrow might bring, and features two performers wreathed in coloured lights like a strange fairground attraction.

They imagine multitude of hypothetical futures, exploring utopian and dystopian visions, science fiction scenarios, political nightmares and absurd fantasies.

The audience is carried along on a flowing tide of conjectures, possibilities and dreams. Tomorrow’s Parties is described as “intimate and comical - a playful, poignant and delirious look forwards to futures both possible and impossible”.

The six core members of Forced Entertainment have sustained a unique artistic partnership for 25 years, their collaborative devising process has made them pioneers of British avant-garde theatre and earned them an international reputation.

To book tickets or for more information on prices and concessions visit or call 01524 594151.