Share your story with Lancaster audience

The Storey Institute in Lancaster.
The Storey Institute in Lancaster.

A major new initiative to rekindle the lost art of storytelling is being unveiled next week at the Storey Institute.

A call has gone out for people with a story to share to tell their tale to an appreciative Lancaster audience.

The ‘True Stories Series’ aims to showcase the power of storytelling and marks a new chapter for the well-known city institute.

The event has been created to help mark the launch of Lancaster University’s Postgraduate Study Hub in the building.

‘Stories at The Storey’ will be an open mic night, featuring five to 10 storytellers.

The evening is open to everyone. The only qualification is that your yarn must be a creative, non-fiction, dramatic re-telling of a first-person event.

The storytelling evening will take place on Monday December 1, and fittingly the theme being explored is ‘launch’. Organisers hope it will be the first of a number of similar events.

Yvonne Battle-Felton and Naomi Kruger, who are postgraduates studying English and Creative Writing at Lancaster, and part of the university’s Graduate College, have launched the search for performers – and their stories.

They say it promises to be a fascinating and entertaining evening. The event is inspired by the work of the iconic true story project ‘The Moth’.

‘The Moth’ is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to produce and share engaging, well-crafted stories from across the globe – told live.

Yvonne explained: “Stories at The Storey offers a non-fiction storytelling experience and is looking for performers, students, community members, staff, visitors and anyone with a true story to share to fill ten ‘True Story’ open mic night slots.

“We are interested in celebrating engaging stories that are told well. If you have an engaging story that loosely explores the theme of ‘launch’ we would love to hear it.”

Naomi added: “The stories we are looking for should give a colourful glimpse into the teller’s life with the goal of sharing the story behind the truth.”

The PG Study Hub offers rooms at the Storey for post-graduate study, including one that can seat around 40 people and a smaller workroom.

If you have a story to tell, which you believe is suitable for the event, please email for more information.

Those chosen to deliver their tale will be given a three-to-five minute slot during the event.

All postgraduate students are members of Lancaster University’s Graduate College community whether they live on or off campus. The College is represented by students from all over the world, creating a unique opportunity to mix with and learn about other cultures. It offers all postgraduate students a relaxed and quiet environment with the support and facilities they need to concentrate on their work.