Shakespeare goes rock ‘n’ roll

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Actors and musicians from Lancaster’s two grammar schools Return To The Forbidden Planet for their annual musical next week.

Described as a science fiction rock ‘n’ roll version of The Tempest, the play focuses on the crew of a spaceship who receive a distress signal which leads them to a drifting vessel.

Aboard this vessel is mad scientist Doctor Prospero who has been sent into hyper-space by his frustrated wife Gloria.

The spaceship and crew then find themselves being pulled inexorably towards D’Illyria, the Forbidden Planet, and the adventure begins.

Director Tim Hall said: “The production has a great number of evocative 60s songs, which we hope will transport the audience back to their carefree adolescence, or simply remind them of special moments in their recent or distant past.

“The joint school musical has a long tradition of high calibre performance work and this is no exception. It has been a great voyage and wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and commitment of the entire team.”

The play, by Bob Carlton, is inspired by the motion picture Forbidden Planet. Return to the Forbidden Planet, which features pupils from Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Lancaster Girls Grammar School, shows at The Dukes Theatre from Wednesday March 6 to Saturday March 9. Tickets are £10.