Service station humour


Never one to be bound by convention, Lancaster entertainer and songwriter Kriss Foster conducted an unusual tour of gig “venues” earlier this month.

The 27-year-old performed at every M6 service station between Lancaster and Worcester as a warm up to his brand new fringe show for Edinburgh this August.

Kriss, probably best recognised for his trademark homemade leopard suit and his song about Morecambe, started off at Forton and made his way on the M6 southbound on a seven-hour journey stopping at every service station – a total of nine – along the way.

Kriss said: “The idea came about because I really like service stations and I always thought doing a tour of them would be great.

“Some people were very receptive whilst others were understandably confused.

“I think over all the stops I managed to count around seven people clapping, so I would say that’s a success!

“On a few occasions people picked up their things and left, but I guess that’s the nature of a service station.”

The gigs were a mixture of both outside busking and inside intimate cafe performances.

“Playing was great fun and I used the downtime between gigs to make use of all the things a service station has to offer; like a fuzzy tooth brush, the photobooth and the arcade machines.”

The series of shows have been filmed and put together as a short documentary available on his website at

Kriss, who works at The Music Spot in Great John Street, is also in charge of DIY record label Barnbox.

The label has put out tracks and albums by Stephen Hudson and the Fiat Pandas, The Thyme Machine (which Kriss fronts), The Bear Around Your Neck and How’s My Pop?

Kriss has plans to tour the M6 northbound on his way up to Edinburgh for its hugely popular annual Fringe Festival this summer.

The Lancaster preview for the ‘Kriss Foster & Friend’ fringe show will be at The Gregson Centre on June 15.