Second Tory councillor told he can’t stand in Lancaster 2019 elections

Coun Nigel Goodrich
Coun Nigel Goodrich

A second Conservative councillor has been told he will not be allowed to stand in next year’s council elections.

Coun Nigel Goodrich, who represents Silverdale on Lancaster City Council, said the Conservative Association’s decision was “crackers” and that he would be appealing.

Coun Roger Mace

Coun Roger Mace

Former mayor Coun Roger Mace, who represents Kellet Ward, was also told he would not be allowed to stand in the local council elections in 2019.

Coun Goodrich, who is chair of Lancaster City Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee, said: “I was not approved, and neither was Roger Mace, our ex mayor, that was an enormous shock.”

Coun Goodrich was previously a councillor in Fylde.

He added: “I wonder if my time as chair of the Conservative Association, three years up until 18 months ago, upset some, though I finished with more members, more money for campaigning, and more Councillors than when I started.

“Lancaster City Council is a target council for the Conservatives for 2019, so to not approve two respected sitting councillors is crackers.”

The Conservative Association did not wish to comment on the matter.