Search is on for water pumping stations in city

Beverley Wilkinson of United Utilities with a pumping station.
Beverley Wilkinson of United Utilities with a pumping station.

North West water supplier United Utilities is calling on residents of Lancaster and the north west to check their properties for more than 2,000 missing private pumping stations that are hidden away on private properties.

These pumping stations could have gone unnoticed in private properties for decades and could be costing residents money in maintenance and running costs. They can come in all shapes and sizes and clues that your home could be housing a private pumping station include a manhole cover or metal cabinets and cupboards containing electrical equipment.

So far, 49 have been found in Lancaster, and once all of them have been located, a new government directive will see United Utilities take on responsibility for many of these private pumping stations from October 2016.

Beverley Wilkinson of United Utilities said: “Because there is no record of these private pumping stations, we will always be on the hunt for them in the north west. We are heavily reliant on the public to help us find them.”