Seal spotted in River Lune

editorial image

This is the seal spotted by many people in Lancaster yesterday morning.

Our close-up photo, sent in by reader Rachel Capocci Benson, shows the seal enjoying the sunshine with a swim in the River Lune on Thursday.

He caused passers-by to stop and watch for a couple of hours as he amused himself diving in and out of the water between the Millennium Bridge and Greyhound Bridge.

Rachel said: “It was swimming away from the Millennium Bridge that I was standing on, then turned and began swimming back towards the bridge.

“It then dived underneath and I didnt see it again, although it looked like it may have come up a lot further down the river.

“Some walkers stopped and saw it too and asked if we were local and if this has happened before.

“I said yes I’m local, but Ive never seen this before!”