School’s on film!

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BUDDING journalists and TV presenters at Dallas Road Primary School got the chance to go behind the cameras for a day to learn all about life in the media.

The Year 6 children spent the day learning how a news programme is put together as part of a new business aimed at teaching youngsters about aspects of broadcasting, including news and sports reporting, filming and music recording.

The You2Air project, which offers an innovative way of developing children’s literacy, ICT and music skills, has been launched by former teacher Martyn Starkey.

Mr Starkey, who was deputy head at Archbishop Hutton’s Primary School in Warton until Christmas when he left to set up the business, said: “I have always had an interest in TV and radio and have been involved in volunteering in broadcasting so I thought it was time to take the plunge and see how it goes.

“It was a risk for me leaving teaching and going into business but it’s really exciting.

“The children are really enthusiastic. It develops their skills in a really modern way, and no one else is doing it as far as I know – it’s quite an innovative project.”

The pupils put together news stories, learned how to present and use an autocue, worked behind the video cameras and gave audio descriptions and sports commentaries.

Class teacher Adam Newton said: “The children really enjoyed the ‘wow’ experience of their classroom being turned into a TV studio and they really seemed to have a good time using the equipment.

“They learnt a lot about how TV shows are put together and also had the opportunity to use their literacy skills in writing and editing the news stories and then presenting them clearly to camera.

“They also had plenty of opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills and to work cooperatively with each other.”

Pupil Paul Gellersen said: “I learnt a lot of new skills like how to prepare news reports, how to do audio descriptions and also how to have the courage to present to camera,”

And Isabel Meadowcroft said: “I enjoyed using all of the amazing technology!”

Mr Starkey has also written songs to record with children, who can then take part in a pop concert style performance afterwards. Poulton-le-Sands Primary School in Morecambe was the first school to try this out this week.