Save waste and help to support a brain tumour charity

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How many baby wipes does the average household with young children go through? The answer is “a lot!”

Now Scale Hall Nursery is working with other baby groups and organisations to wipe out the waste created by empty wipe packets.

The charity Ellie’s Fund – Brain Tumour Trust is asking anyone who uses baby wipes to save the empty packets – any brand – and donate them. For every empty packet collected the charity can recycle them and get two pence back.

When Scale Hall Nursery heard of the unique and easy way to raise funds they asked their parents to help.

Ellie’s Fund – Brain Tumour Trust was founded by Heather Othick after she lost her daughter Ellie to a brain tumour when she was just 14. Heather is now dedicated to raising funds and raising brain tumour awareness.

The money raised from the collection of any baby wipe packet will go to the brain tumour research laboratory in Leeds and to support children who are going through treatment.

To contribute to the collection of empty wipe packets, contact Scale Hall Nursery on 01524 39015.