Santa’s ho ho ho live from your living room

Santa in the living room
Santa in the living room

A love of Christmas has prompted a Lancaster web developer to create an online app that ‘proves’ to children Santa really does exist.

George Askew, 31, created around five years ago, and has now developed a mobile application that brings Father Christmas right into your living room.

The app allows the user to submit a picture of their lounge, which is then manipulated to have the big man superimposed on top of it.

The video shows Santa eating a mince pie from a table off screen, singing a song and other actions.

George, who went to Lancaster Royal Grammar School and lives in the city centre, said: “We’re really excited to get the app online in time for Christmas.

We’ve been creating these videos since 2009 but the App is even more amazing.

“Children really love it! Every day we are creating hundreds of videos and as we get closer to Christmas it’s getting crazily busy.”

George, who is self-employed and works on other websites as well, said his main customer base is in America and by Christmas Eve sales are into their thousands.

He said: “I just wanted to make a bit of extra money at Christmas. Last year sales on the website took a bit of a dive, basically because everything has changed so quickly from desktop to mobile or tablet.

“So I created the app and have designed it especially for Apple devices.

“All parents need to do is simply upload a picture of their decorated living room preferably next to their Christmas tree. They then just pick a video of Santa and select some music.

“Videos include Santa drinking milk and eating cookies and dropping off Christmas presents.”

The videos are originally shot with green screen technology.

George added: “I’m a big fan of Christmas and that’s one of the reasons why I set up the site. I have shown the app to my nieces and nephews and they think it’s great.”