Sands guide has first holiday in 50 years on bay

Cedric and Olive Robinson.
Cedric and Olive Robinson.

The Queen’s Guide to the Sands has been so busy guiding people across the bay for 50 years that he’s never had time for a holiday.

But this all changed when Cedric Robinson MBE whisked his wife Olive away for a week in Scarborough, their first time away from the bay area for half a century.

While they were there, Cedric had the unusual experience of being rescued by the local RNLI lifeguards.

Thankfully the Queen’s Guide hadn’t himself strayed into treacherous waters, because the ‘rescue’ was all just a stunt for the cameras. “My wife walked up to them and told them who I was, so they lifted me up!” he explained.

Cedric and Olive’s friend Chris Abram, who is following the legendary cross bay walker around for a year filming his life, arranged for the couple to take a well deserved first break in half a century.

“We love the area and we’ve always been too busy,” said Cedric.

“We have animals, you see, and I was worried about leaving my hens and my cats.

“When we got back they didn’t stop miaowing, they’d missed us.

“We enjoyed it though, we had a room overlooking the front.

“The seagulls were lovely,

“I think they followed us from Grange!”

Cedric was awarded a Sunshine Ambassador Award in this, the year of his 80th birthday and 50th anniversary as the Queen’s official guide to the sands of Morecambe Bay.

He has also been awarded honorary fellowships of the University of Central Lancashire and Lancaster University and soon, the University of Cumbria will follow suit.