Rocking in the dock

Captain Hotknives
Captain Hotknives

Glasson Dock’s annual musical shindig kicks off next weekend with 12 hours of sound from some of the region’s finest.

Headlining this year’s Dock of the Bay Festival is Keighley’s finest off the wall troubadour Captain Hotknives, a firm favourite on the festival circuit.

The festival takes place on Shabby Meadow, next to Glasson Dock Village Hall, on September 20 from midday, with the Melodrome Mobile Stage housing the artists.

Then everything moves inside until midnight.

All profits from the event go towards the village hall.

Also performing at the festival is Owen Saunders, Maudling Hertz, Jay Blackburn, Guns of Navarone, Convulsions, Hairpiece Suite, Miniking, Trevor Meaney, Paul Pearson, Ark, Emma and the Professor, Dead Republic, Antivist, Ronnie French, Laura Andrews, Hiroshima Twinkie, Paddy Rogan and Matt Cave

The evening event will also be interspersed with some spoken word, and there will also be gramophones available for those wanting to bring 78s along (no 33s or 45s allowed on site).

Tonight, Thursday Kris Drever and Éamonn Coyne perform at The Platform in Morecambe to kick off their UK tour.

Their new EP, recorded in the Shetland Islands, has just been released.

Scottish guitarist and songwriter Kris Drever, best known from Lau, and Irish banjo and tenor guitarist Éamonn Coyne (Treacherous Orchestra & Salsa Celtica), have been working together on material seperate from their band commitments.

Éamonn Coyne said: “When I heard Kris sing Wintermoon with the two harmony vocals (Louise Thomason and Freda Leask) it made me think of the changes in the season and conjured up a sentiment that feels typical of Kris – how everything and everyone helps everything and everyone else along in life; we are all the star, or in this case, the winter moon! It’s also pretty much a three minute wonder”.

For more information on shows in the Lancaster area, see the gig guide below.