Reward offered in hunt for dog

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THE owners of a chocolate Labrador stolen from a garden in Bay House four months ago are offering a £5,000 reward for his safe return.

Despite a big poster campaign across the Lancaster district, and the promise of a no questions asked reward, Caroline and Aubrey Hoyles are still clueless as to what happened to their beloved pet Brook, who went missing from their garden on April 16.

Brook holds high sentimental value to the couple, as Caroline explained: “Aubrey and I had talked about buying a chocolate Labrador puppy for a long time, so when he surprised me with one for my birthday, I was overjoyed to say the least.

“Aubrey handed me this gorgeous cuddly puppy and proceeded to get down on one knee.

“He had attached an engagement ring to a red ribbon around the puppy’s neck.

This makes him even more special to Aubrey and myself as a couple.

“He is a huge part of our family, he is a true character, we miss him lots and want him back home with us.

“We are now offering a reward of £5,000 for his safe return, and are hoping that who ever has him, will return him for this sum of money, no questions asked.”

A Facebook page called Find Brook now has 2,500 members, and Caroline hopes that whoever has him will see how much he means to the family, and return him home safely.

Brook is nearly five years old and of medium build.

He has a small white fleck in between his front legs, a slight kink in his tail, and bright amber eyes.

He is also registered with who can be contacted on 0844 800 3220. Tom Watkins, founder of the Animal Search website, where Brook is also listed, said that the organisation discouraged dog owners from offering large rewards as it could provide an incentive for thieves to steal more pets.

But he added: “In Brook’s case, given the amount of time that has elapsed, offering a large reward may make the animal hot property, and make more people aware that he is missing, so improving the chances of his return.”