REVIEW: Young food fan spills the beans on her dining experience

Leila Costello. Lancaster food review.
Leila Costello. Lancaster food review.

Little Leila Costello loves food so much she decided to write about it. The eight-year-old has shared her experience of dining at Quite Simply French in Lancaster.

For my birthday I asked mum and dad if we could go for a meal at Quite Simply French.

We booked a table for their Christmas early bird menu.

There were six of us, my nana and pops who love French food too. The sixth person is my brother Charlie – he has no idea about French food - his favourite meal is macaroni cheese!

When we got there we had a lovely welcome from Laura and Rob who remembered me from my last visit – I tried frogs legs and swordfish which were yummy.

When you go in you are also met by a lobster tank which is great fun, we kept checking to see whether any had been put in the pot by the chef.

The restaurant looked glamorous and festive – many happy people were celebrating Christmas and sharing cracker jokes throughout the night.

I spent a long time looking at the menu and ordered smoked king prawns sautéed in olive oil, garlic and onion to start with and grilled hake for my main course.

I enjoyed the food – I can’t really criticise the chef because it all tasted great, but I had to have some help peeling the prawns, they have googly eyes – which freaked me out!

It was very busy in the restaurant – the food took a little long to come but this was only due to QSF being so popular for Christmas parties.

I think QSF is my favourite place to eat in Lancaster – the early bird menu also meant that the evening was not too expensive which is important to my dad.

If you are thinking of going to QSF I would say you will have a fantastic time but make sure you bring some of your own cracker jokes – they need improvement.

A big thank you to Jen and all of the team I hope to see you soon.