Resort’s Jools in the crown

Steven Wren by Andy Ord
Steven Wren by Andy Ord

EXPECT “a feel good night, with plenty of atmosphere, non-stop music and some great compering,” later...this month with Jools Netherland.

Hoping to avoid any copyright infringement, Lancaster and Morecambe musicians Adrian Boardman, Rob Dorrington, Andy Creevy and Bernie Kelly came up with the change of name to christen a Later...with Jools Holland-type event at The Platform in Morecambe on April 20.

“The key to it all was who was going to play the part of Jools Netherland,” said Adrian, from funk and soul party band 24/7.

“We needed someone who could play the part of Jools Holland, to have the ability to sit down and play the piano with the bands.”

Cue Steven Wren, 24/7’s lead singer, who has written and sang vocals for chart topping electronic act Mint Royale, and in Adrian’s words is “a fantastic singer and keyboardist”.

“He said, ‘what do I need to do?’ and I said, ‘just be yourself’ and he said, ‘go on then’.

“He’s now busy practising a Dutch accent. We picked him really because he can walk the walk and talk the talk.”

Later...With Jools Netherland features ska, reggae, indie, soul, funk, classic rock, blues, Latin and folk from some of the district’s most talented musicians.

See the Lancaster Guardian (05-04-12) for full story.