Resort inspires strange landscape for artist Ben

New art and animation project by Morecambe based filmmaker - Ben Oliver
New art and animation project by Morecambe based filmmaker - Ben Oliver

A Morecambe based artist and filmmaker has developed an on-line animated film “designed as escapism for adults and children”.

Ben Oliver has created MICU - an animated teddy bear who lives a strange existence in an even stranger landscape.

Ben has been developing the project for two years in his spare time, and the finished product can be found at

He said: “MICU appeals to children as well as adults, partly due to plentiful cartoon violence, but partly also because of the surreal environment MICU inhabits.

“Each episode focuses on a snapshot of MICU’s life.

“The landscapes were inspired by some of my favourite shows when I was young: Bagpuss, The Clangers, The Moomins.

“As a child I would get completely lost in these shows and hope my animations will have the same effect on a new generation.”

Ben studied at Brighton Art College and then worked as a video jockey (VJ), providing visuals for nightclubs in Leeds and Manchester, and then later took on commissions for channel 4 and 5.

“The project is designed as escapism for adults and children alike,” he said.

“With friends to aid him and enemies whose only purpose is to make his life even more complicated, MICU’s main objective is happiness - at any cost!”

Ben moved to Morecambe in 2005 from Yorkshire, saying the town provided him with a “perfect source of inspiration and hilarity”.

He added: “I love living here and am proud to call Morecambe the birthplace of MICU.

“One day I hope to see a statue of him on top of Al’s Bar.”

Ben’s previous commissions can be found at