Researcher is a Total Warrior for cancer cash

Dr Nikki Copeland.
Dr Nikki Copeland.

A researcher from Lancaster University has successfully completed a gruelling fitness challenge to raise more than £600 for a leading cancer research charity.

Dr Nikki Copeland undertook the Total Warrior challenge in Bramham Park, Leeds, joining more than 15,000 fellow ‘warriors’ in attempting the 10k course which includes 30 punishing military-style obstacles and acres of dense mud.

The 35-year-old, from Lancaster, completed the course in a time of two hours and 50 minutes with his efforts raising money for North West Cancer Research (NWCR), which funds and supports cancer research projects like his across the region.

Dr Copeland received support in his fund raising efforts from the Lunesdale NWCR fundraising committee, who gave generously to the fundraiser and their donation have been added to the final amount of money raised.

Dr Copeland, who is currently heading a five year research project funded by NWCR. said: “It was a hugely challenging course, from electric shocks to endless slogs through the mud the whole event certainly pushed me to my physical limits. I’m delighted to have finished the course though; it’s a fantastic achievement. I had great fun despite the unbelievable amount of mud and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again for this fantastic charity which not only supports my work, but aids researchers across the north west to research new approaches for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.”