Rescued swan released

Residents of Slyne Road in Bolton-le-Sands were surprised to see a fully grown cygnet waddling along the centre of the A6 on Sunday morning.

Thursday, 15th October 2015, 3:00 pm
The young swan that was rescued by Wolfwood Animal Charity on Sunday morning.

A passer-by managed to slow down approaching traffic and guide the young swan over to the pavement.

It settled on the front lawn of a house where it was found by Clare Corris who managed to keep it there while she rang the RSPCA for help.

By then she was joined by another resident Stephanie Tulej and was told by the RSPCA that, as the cygnet appeared to be uninjured, though tired and disorientated, they couldn’t help.

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Lancaster Police couldn’t offer any advice, either.

Stephanie said: “Angela Clark, a volunteer from local animal rescue charity, Wolfwood, approached and suggested that Clare should ring the charity.

“Chris, from Wolfwood, immediately came and very swiftly but gently captured the cygnet into a specialist sling. He took it away to recuperate on prior to release on the canal.”