Remember when mobiles were just for making calls?

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WORK by eminent photographer Martin Parr will be on display at the first exhibition of the year at Settle’s Gallery on the Green.

For mroe than15 years Martin has photographed the changing use of the mobile phone as he travelled the world in his career as a documentary photographer.

He said: “With photography, I like to create a fiction of reality. I try and do this by taking society’s natural prejudice and giving this a twist.”

A spokesman for the gallery said: “Mobile Phone Culture: 1995 – 2011 traces the use of the mobile phone in widely different cultures and contexts, from Ascot to Argentina and from Scarborough to Seoul.

“It reveals the way in which the mobile phone has entered society everywhere, where it is now used as a tool of social networking; a political tool of influence; an encyclopaedia of information, a fashion accessory; a means of emancipation; and a means of documenting one’s own private world through its camera and video capture.

“And now the culture of apps has begun to extend its use into new worlds of data and entertainment in ways that were unimaginable when Parr began this series.

“He is also one of the most productive makers of photographic books with more than 50 to his name which you can see at”

See the Lancaster Guardian (05-04-12) for full story.