Reece Holt’s brother and best friend to become Young Ambassadors for cancer charity

Reece Holt with best friend Oscar Spensley and brother Callum.Reece Holt with best friend Oscar Spensley and brother Callum.
Reece Holt with best friend Oscar Spensley and brother Callum.
The brother of Overton schoolboy Reece Holt, who passed away earlier this year after a valiant cancer battle, is to become a Young Ambassador for the charity Reece set up.

Callum Holt, 12, will be joined by Reece’s best friend Oscar Spensley, 13, in becoming the first Young Ambassadors for Team Reece, which was set up to raise awareness of childhood cancer and help other children and families in a similar situation.

The charity has gone on to raise more than £100,000.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School pupil Reece died in January aged 13 after bravely battling a rare brain tumour for two-and-a-half years.

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Oscar Spensley and Callum Holt.Oscar Spensley and Callum Holt.
Oscar Spensley and Callum Holt.

The teenager’s mum Rachel O’Neil said she now wants to continue her son’s legacy by carrying on the charity work he started, with the help of family and friends including Callum and Oscar.

“They will be fronting the charity,” Rachel said. “They want to encourage children to fight for children, which is fantastic.

“It was an idea Reece had last year; he wanted to get younger people involved.

“We have a lot of adults involved which is fantastic, but Reece had a dream of children fighting and raising the money. About a month ago Callum said that he would like to be a Young Ambassador and that we should ask Oscar.

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“They are both overwhelmed but also very excited to get involved and start taking things forward.”

Rachel is now hoping LRGS will become involved, and that in the future theYoung Ambassador team – aimed at young people aged 11 to 18 – would spread even further.

“We are hoping to set up a full Young Ambassador programme,” she said. “They would become involved with the fundraising and research and attending conferences, and would be heading up the campaign.”

Meanwhile, Team Reece is also in the process of setting up home in a new office at White Cross in Lancaster.