Recycling box petition in Lancaster attracts 400 signatures

A petition asking Lancaster City Council to provide wheeled recycling bins instead of boxes for glass, plastic and paper has had more than 400 signatures.

The petition, posted to by Chelsea Brookes, claims that Lancaster and Morecambe are behind the times with refuse collection, and wheeled bins would mean cleaner streets, savings on street cleaning and pest control, and an increase in recycling. Lancaster City Council said the idea is “worthy of further consideration” but cost is a big issue.

Part of the petition reads: “If the petition is not successful we will continue under the current system where lids blow away, boxes tip over in strong winds or collect rain water and are often too small to contain a fortnight’s recycling.

“I don’t feel that people with physical ailments should have to lift the boxes, or children should be stepping over egg boxes and crushed plastic bottles on their way to school because of an inadequate system.”

Coun David Smith, cabinet member with responsibility for environmental services said: “The most significant impact of providing 100,000 new wheeled bins would be the cost; particularly at a time when our finances are under greater pressure than ever.

“Even so, the provision of wheeled containers is something that is worthy of further consideration but before any discussions are undertaken on the matter, a fully costed business plan would need to be developed setting out the financial and operational implications of such a move.”

Three weekly collections of waste are not currently being considered, he added.

He said: “In relation to the idea of three weekly collections which have been introduced in some other areas, it only remains an idea for this district and not being considered at this stage.”

Recently, Lancaster City Council asked residents to put food waste in their grey landfill waste bin instead of their green recycling bin.

Plans to charge residents £30 a year to collect their green waste recycling bin are also due to come into force in the future.

The petition can be found: HERE