Rap up warm to rock the next three months

Hobbie Stuart
Hobbie Stuart

A musician with 40 albums under his belt, a superstar DJ, a lad with a lisp and some stories to tell, a female chart topper and an “exquisite” American duo all appear at Lancaster library over the next three months.

You’ve almost got the makings of a festival here, but stretched out over 12 weeks, and with not a bar or food stall in sight – which might come as a comfort for those who’ve overdone it somewhat over the Christmas and new year period.

First up on the Get It Loud In Libraries agenda on Sunday, January 15, is DJ and producer James Lavelle, the man behind alternative/electronic outfit UNKLE.

I featured this in my column a few weeks ago, looking back, it was almost fawning, but Lavelle has an impressive back catalogue of his own material plus extensive collaborations with some of the world’s most pioneering musicians.

It will be very interesting to see how this DJ set, from 8pm, will be played out, especially given the fact that Lavelle is renowned for his oft intense and very genre specific performances.

Then again, he can also knock a fair few genres together as well, in which case a surprise awaits.

Tickets are £10.

See the Lancaster Guardian (05-01-12) for full story.