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Breaking the record before the Pendle Witch Walk.'Photo Ben Parsons
Breaking the record before the Pendle Witch Walk.'Photo Ben Parsons
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A one-hour vigil was held at Lancaster Castle to commemorate the lives of the 10 people who were tried and hanged for witchcraft 400 years ago.

A poem was displayed outside Lancaster City Museum on Monday, followed by a walk to the castle where the poem was read out.

Pam Southernwood, one of the organisers, said: “The tours of Lancaster Castle included a visit to The Witches’ Well, the deep underground chamber where the women were held for about 60 days with only candlelight and no ventilation.

“One woman died there, the others were hanged. Many passers-by were clearly moved by the poem. One of those present, aged 93, laid 10 roses beside the poem which has been left at the castle gates. One of the roses was taken down to the Witches Well.”

A number of events and discussions were held across the city and beyond to mark the occasion.

*A new world record for the most people dressed as witches in one place has been set.

Four hundred and eighty-two people set the new record, which has never been previously attempted. To qualify for the record all witches had to be wearing a black pointed hat, black cloak and have a broom.

More than 1,000 people joined the Pendle Witch Walk, which started in Barley, on Saturday, to raise money for the Pendleside Hospice in Burnley.

Organiser Julian Jordan said the witch trials were a sombre part of the area’s history but the walkers wanted to show off the best of Pendle including “our glorious countryside, our magnificent hill and our tumultuous history”.

He said the organisers hoped the walk would raise £30,000 for the hospice.

The walkers made a five-mile circular trek including the summit of the hill.