Quiet estate ‘under siege’ by rogue HGVs

The new signage on Morecambe Road
The new signage on Morecambe Road

Residents living on a quiet Morecambe estate say they are “under seige” by lorries taking a wrong turn due to the Heysham to M6 Link Road works.

One resident said that new signage into Hadrian Road was not working, and HGVs were making the estate a dangerous place to be.

He said: “The residential estate is under siege with HGVs entering every day.

“This estate used to be a safe place for children to play on the play park but how long will it be before an accident occurs with the presence of these vehicles each day?”

A spokesman for Heysham M6 Link Road builders Costain said the company was doing all it could to relieve the situation, but that it was down to HGV drivers to follow the road signs, not their satellite navigation systems.

He said: “A number of residents on Fairfield Park (behind McDonalds) voiced concerns over lost HGV drivers ending up on their estate in search of Heysham and the White Lund Industrial Estate.

“The estate itself has no through route, and therefore lost drivers have had to manoeuvre their large vehicles in tight cul-de-sacs in order to return to Morecambe Road.

“When challenged the drivers are apologetic but openly admit to following SAT NAV instructions and ignoring the roadworks and traffic management signage. One driver even owned up to carrying out this error on a previous trip, once the existing signage was pointed out to him he was very embarrassed.”

Costain said it had now made further improvements to the signage on Morecambe Road following a review with its Traffic Safety Control Officer.

There is now also a large electronic sign at the entrance to Hadrian Road to warn HGV drivers off.

There is also a new pedestrian crossing near McDonalds entrance across to the footpath on the college side of Morecambe Road, which is aimed at slowing down traffic and giving drivers more time to read the new signs.