Quantum leap as Lancaster joins forces on physics

Lancaster University has helped found a UK super centre for quantum technology.
Lancaster University has helped found a UK super centre for quantum technology.

Lancaster University has helped found a new £2.7m centre of excellence for quantum physics.

The UK Centre for Superconducting and Hybrid Quantum Systems (UK-CSQS) brings together Britain’s most experienced scientists working on superconducting quantum technologies.

Our university is a founder member of the centre, alongside the Royal Holloway University of London and the National Physical Laboratory.

The centre aims to provide shared access to nanofabrication (the design and manufacture of devices with dimensions measured in nanometers) and measurement facilities at all three sites.

Professor Yuri Pashkin, co-director of the Quantum Technology Centre at Lancaster University, said: “We hope to widen the collaboration to include all UK academics working on superconducting devices and to provide them with a centre offering the best available nanofabrication facilities worldwide, free of access charges.”

Research in this field could lead to new and unique types of ultra-sensitive sensing devices and aid the construction of a superconducting quantum computer.

Jo Johnson, science minister, said: “We are committed to securing the UK’s position as a world leader in science and innovation.

“The Government is ensuring major new discoveries happen here, such as the creation of super-powerful quantum computers.

“This new funding builds on our protection for science spending by supporting research in our world-leading universities and helping to train the science leaders of tomorrow.”

As part of the creation of the UK-CSQS, Royal Holloway was awarded £2.7m for a new nanofabrication and clean-room facility. The award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) establishes UK-CSQS as the national centre for nanofabrication in the field of superconducting quantum electronics. The new facility is expected to come on stream in the summer of 2017.