Praise for Morecambe police dog after arrest

Kato the police dog.
Kato the police dog.

A police dog has been praised after he caught a man behaving suspiciously on a quiet Morecambe street.

Kato chased down the man, seized him by the leg with his jaws and pulled him to the floor after he tried to escape over a wall on Ellesmere Road.

More than 100 Facebook users posted comments congratulating and thanking the dog for his good work after the man was arrested and charged.

This came after Morecambe Area Police posted a picture of Kato and details of the arrest on their social media page.

The three-year-old German Shepherd sprang into action after a “suspicious male” was spotted in a vehicle on Needham Avenue at 1.15pm on Wednesday.

The man tried to drive off after police arrived at the scene but was stopped by a ‘stinger’ - a device used to 
deflate tyres. He then tried to run away.

“Unfortunately for him 
police dog Kato has been waiting in the wings for a bit of exercise ...and he got it!” said the Morecambe Area Police post.

“A short chase later Kato has detained the chap on Ellesmere Road and he was taken downtown.”

Kato’s handler Sue Smith said: “Kato is quite verbal. If they don’t stop running, he’s trained to bite them.

“If they do stop running he’s trained to bark until help arrives. In this instance, the guy tried to get over a wall.

“The dogs are trained to go for the arm but his arms weren’t accessible so he went for the leg to get him off the wall.”

The arrested man was taken to hospital for treatment for a dog bite which is standard procedure.

Meanwhile Kato was rewarded with biscuits.

Proud Sue said of Kato: “He’s just fantastic.

“He lives with us at home and my kids can stroke him. But he can switch onto ‘work mode’ whenever he needs to.

“He can do so much, from finding ‘high risk’ missing people to combing areas for anything from sim cards to weapons.”

Kato is often sent into action alongside Tank, a two-year-old black labrador who works as a drugs dog.

One Facebook user wrote: “Fantastic work Kato. Another one bites the dust.”

Another wrote: “Well done Kato you truly are an amazing super dog, what a fantastic set of teeth you have, ready and primed for biting - brilliant.”

*A man will appear at Lancaster Magistrates Court on July 18 charged with dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, no MOT, no insurance and possession of cannabis.