Pool parking problems for swimmers

Hornby Swimming Pool and car park.
Hornby Swimming Pool and car park.

PARENTS who take their children to swimming lessons at Hornby pool say they fear an accident because of poor parking facilities.

Pool users previously parked in the former Hornby High School car park, but since the site was taken over by religious organisation The Brethren and reopened as Hornby Park School, the car park has been fenced off.

This has left only a small parking area at the pool for both staff and swimmers.

Mum-of-two Gillian Middleton takes her six-year-old son Isaac to classes on a Friday evening from their home in Lowgill.

“The parking is just atrocious,” she said. “The most cars that can fit in is about 10 or 11 so people are just parking wherever they can.

“I have a 4x4 so I park on the grass outside. I have a two-year-old daughter and it fills me with dread that she will go into the road.

“It’s making the grass like a mud bath because it’s all churned up but where else do you park?”

See the Lancaster Guardian (05-01-12) for full story.