Lancaster City Council elections - full list of candidates for all 27 wards

Voters go to the polls today, Thursday May 2, to elect new councillors to Lancaster City Council as well as parish councils across the district.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 10:35 am
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 11:01 am
Voters head to the polls today.
Voters head to the polls today.

There are 200 prospective councillors who have put their names forward for election across the 27 wards.

Of those, 60 are Conservatives, 60 are Labour, 35 are Green, 20 are Morecambe Bay Independents, 22 are Liberal Democrats and the remaining three make up alternative options.

The local elections take place every four years.

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Lancaster general view Lancaster Town Hall.

The election count will take place tomorrow, Friday May 3, at The Ashton Hall, from 1pm, with results expected by around 6pm.

Details of all the candidates for the city council elections for all 27 wards are listed here.

Bare Ward (3 seats)

Anthony Forbes [Tony] Anderson (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Stephie Cathryn Barber (Conservative Party)

Jonathan James Buckley (The Green Party)

Charles Edwards (Conservative Party)

Callum Thomas Henry (Labour Party)

Sean Michael Hughes (The Green Party)

Sarah Elizabeth Knight (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Owen Thomas Lambert (Liberal Democrats)

John Livermore (Liberal Democrats)

Stuart Charles Morris (Conservative Party Candidate)

Jim Pilling (Liberal Democrats)

Christopher Thomas [Chris] Price (Labour Party)

Paula Jeanette Ross-Clasper (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Rebecca Marie [Becca] Snow (Labour Party)

Bolton and Slyne (3 seats)

Louise Belcher (Labour Party)

Keith William Budden (Conservative Party)

Derek John Kaye (Liberal Democrats)

Richard William Martin (Labour Party)

Valerie Joyce Rogerson (Labour Party)

James Malcolm Thomas (Conservative Party)

John Graeme Wild (Conservative Party Candidate)

Bulk Ward (3 seats)

Naley Fegedogo Alobari (Labour Party)

Lucie Kathleen Carrington (The Green Party)

Susan Angela [Sue] Clark (Labour Party)

Jack Thomas Downes (Conservative Party)

Kai John Drury (Conservative Party)

Timothy Rex [Tim] Hamilton-Cox (The Green Party)

Caroline Jackson (The Green Party)

Andrew Martin Kay (Labour Party)

Tamsin Elizabeth May Richardson (Conservative Party)

Carnforth and Millhead Ward (3 seats)

Kathryn Elizabeth [Kathy] Bashford (The Green Party)

Gregory R [Gregg] Beaman (Independent)

Melanie Jane [Mel] Guilding (Conservative Party)

Sandi Mitzi Haythornthwaite (Labour Party)

Tobias Levi Jackson Holbrook (Conservative Party)

Janet Louise [Jan] Maskell (The Green Party)

John Robert Reynolds (Labour Party)

Robert James [Bob] Roe (Independent)

Luke Kenneth Taylor (Labour Party)

Johann Wolfgang [Johnny] Unger (The Green Party)

Peter Allan Yates (Conservative Party)

Castle Ward (2 seats)

David Owen [Dave] Brookes (The Green Party)

Peter William Curphey (Labour Party)

Tommy Garry Shaw (Conservative Party)

Stefanie Sinclair (Labour Party)

Paul Byron Stubbins (The Green Party)

Peter Thomas Williamson (Conservative Party)

Ellel Ward (2 seats)

Richard Lindsay Peregrine St.John Austen-Baker (Conservative Party)

Lisa Montserrat Corkerry (Labour Party)

Shaun Stephen Corkerry (Labour Party)

Mollie Foxall (The Green Party)

Paul Richard Hindley (Liberal Democrats)

Gisela Christine Renolds (The Green Party)

Jade Sullivan (Liberal Democrats)

David John Whitworth (Conservative Party)

Halton-with-Aughton Ward (1 seat)

Kevin Frea (Labour and Co-operative Party)

Daniel Scott Gibbins (Conservative Party)

Catherine Pilling (Liberal Democrats)

Harbour Ward (3 seats)

Mariusz [Marius] Balcer (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Miroslawa [Mirka] Balcer (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Simone Chadwick (The Green Party)

Darren Keith Clifford (Labour Party)

Jay-Yahia El Mozee (The Green Party)

Alexandra Ann Hailey (Conservative Party)

Janice Hanson (Labour Party)

Craig Darren Mercer (Conservative Party)

Jack Ryan Newton (Morecambe Bay Independents)

David Whitaker (Labour Party)

Rhiannon Louise Jamie Williamson (Conservative Party)

Heysham Central Ward (2 seats)

Kenneth Brown (Conservative Party)

Samuel Michael Donnelly (Conservative Party)

Sarah Kathleen Hayland (Labour Party)

Geoffrey [Geoff] Knight (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Cary Jane Matthews (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Ian Walton (Labour Party)

Heysham North Ward (2 seats)

Victoria Tracey [Vicky] Boyd-Power (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Roger Timothy Cleet (Morecambe Bay Independents)

John Robert Hanson (Labour Party)

John Geoffrey Marsden (Conservative Party)

Margaret Elizabeth Pattison (Labour Party)

Joseph Peter Wilson (Conservative Party)

Heysham South Ward (3 seats)

Stuart James Alexander Bateson (Conservative Party)

Alan Biddulph (Labour Party)

Wendy Elizabeth Blundell (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Michael David [Mike] Greenall (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Eric Hamer (Conservative Party)

Judith Manuel Hamer (Conservative Party)

Colin Hartley (Labour Party)

Stephen Peter [Steve] Matthews (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Amanda Jane [Mandy] Wildman (Labour Party)

John O’Gaunt Ward (3 seats)

Philip Graham Kenneth [Phil] Dunster (Liberal Democrats)

James Peter Harvey (Liberal Democrats)

Erica Ruth Estelle Lewis (Labour Party)

Faye Elizabeth Penny (Labour Party)

Alistair Thomas Sinclair (Labour Party)

Ceri Sian Turner (The Green Party)

Marianne Ruth Waine (The Green Party)

Janet Suzanne Walton (Conservative Party)

Kevan Stuart Walton (Conservative Party)

Ryan Thomas Whittaker (Conservative Party)

Rebecca Kate Whittle (The Green Party)

Kellet Ward (1 seat)

Andrew Paul Gardiner (Conservative Party)

Diana Penelope Martin (Labour Party)

Michael John Mumford (Liberal Democrats)

Lower Lune Valley Ward (2 seats)

Lucy Elizabeth Beckett Atkinson (Labour and Co-operative Party)

Nathan Neil Burns (Labour and Co-operative Party)

Joan Parkinson Jackson (Conservative Party)

Peter James Jackson (Liberal Democrats)

Jane Parkinson (Conservative Party)

Joyce Pritchard (Liberal Democrats)

Marsh Ward (2 seats)

Amanda Jane [Mandy] Bannon (The Green Party)

Peter John [Pete] Cakebread (Labour Party)

Gina Dowding (The Green Party)

Ayesha Audrey Minnie Udin Hilton (Conservative Party)

Daniel Joseph Sims (Conservative Party)

Nicola Mary [Nicky] Snell (Labour Party)

Overton Ward (1 seat)

Tomos Jack Hagerty [Tom] Porter (Labour Party)

Michael Anthony Smith (Conservative Party)

Pamela Jill Virgoe White (The Green Party)

Poulton Ward (2 seats)

Chloe Alexandra Buckley (The Green Party)

Philip Martin Chandler (The Green Party)

Shirley Judith Gardiner (Conservative Party)

Paul Bernard Hart (Liberal Democrats)

Andrew Hastings (Liberal Democrats)

Patricia Anne [Tricia] Heath (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Brendan Anthony Hughes (Labour Party)

Deborah Jane [Debbie] Jenkins (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Terasa Ann [Terrie] Metcalfe (Labour Party)

Joan Yates (Conservative Party)

Scotforth East Ward (2 seats)

Cameron Allan Fernie (Conservative Party)

Andrew Peter Lee (The Green Party)

Robin Eamonn Long (Liberal Democrats)

Rosie Mae Mills (The Green Party)

Graham Anthony Pollitt (Liberal Democrats)

Rebecca Melusine Samuels (Conservative Party)

Patricia Anne Whitehead (Labour Party)

Jason Wood (Labour Party)

Scotforth West Ward (3 seats)

Timothy Charles [Tim] Dant (The Green Party)

Oliver Kerry (Conservative Party)

Ronald William [Ronnie] Kershaw (Labour Party)

Mohammad Haddi Harris Malik (Labour Party)

Abigail [Abi] Mills (The Green Party)

Linda Mary Prue (Labour Party)

Joshua Philip [Josh] Smith (Conservative Party)

Joe William Wrennall (Conservative Party)

Joanna Mary Young (The Green Party)

Silverdale Ward (1 seat)

June Greenwell (Liberal Democrats)

Iain Scott Harbison (Conservative Party)

Brenda Daphne Florence Rockall (Labour Party)

Skerton East Ward (3 seats)

Abbott Clifton Bryning (Labour Party)

Margaret Susan Colling (Conservative Party)

John Patrick Doherty (Conservative Party)

Kathleen Mary Mashiter (Conservative Party)

Simon Philip Platt (UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Robert Michael Redfern (Labour Party)

Ceiteag Sinclair (The Green Party)

Anna Sandra Thornberry (Labour Party)

Erik Worsley (The Green Party)

Skerton West Ward (3 seats)

Phillip John Black (Labour Party)

Daniel Joshua Burba (The Green Party)

Melanie Forrest (The Green Party)

Colin Hewitt (Conservative Party)

Thomas William Andrew Inman (Conservative Party)

Amanda Christine [Mandy] King (Labour Party)

Hilda Jean Parr (Labour Party)

Matthew James Reader (Conservative Party)

Torrisholme Ward (2 seats)

Joanne Lindsey Ainscough (Labour Party)

Paul Stephen Anderton (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Emma Lindsey Corless (Labour Party)

Jane Wangui Cottam (Conservative Party)

Roger Thomas Francis Dennison (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Mark John Phelps (Conservative Party Candidate)

University and Scotforth Rural Ward (3 seats)

Luke Henry Edward Brandon (Conservative Party)

Victoria Hatch (The Green Party)

Emily Heath (The Green Party)

Jack Aziz O`Dwyer-Henry (Labour Party)

Robert Patrick Ogden (Conservative Party)

Martin Paley (The Green Party)

Jake Aaron Ross Perkins (Liberal Democrats)

Dafydd James Roberts (Liberal Democrats)

Oliver Anthony Robinson (Labour Party)

Tom Timothy Sutton (Liberal Democrats)

Guy Fraser Purves Watts (Conservative Party Candidate)

Katie Jeanette Whearty (Labour Party)

Upper Lune Valley Ward (1 seat)

Ross Douglas Hunter (Liberal Democrats)

Joseph James Rigby (Labour Party)

Stewart George Scothern (Conservative Party Candidate)

Warton Ward (1 seat)

Rex Andrew Ambler (The Green Party)

Colette Susan Bain (Labour Party)

Adrian Stephan Duggan (Conservative Party)

Westgate Ward (3 seats)

Clare Ainscow (Conservative Party)

Richard Martin Blaikie (Liberal Democrats)

Ian Withnell Clift (Labour Party)

Claire Emily Cozler (Labour Party)

Mervyn John [Merv] Evans (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Jason Alexander Firth (Morecambe Bay Independents)

John Thomas Gibbins (Conservative Party)

Jake Marc Goodwin (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Deborah Ann [Debbie] Hutton (Labour Party)

Daniel Trafford Jones (Conservative Party)