Planning applications

Lancaster Town Hall.
Lancaster Town Hall.

Latest planning applications received by Lancaster City Council include:


14/00403/CU, 2 Sulyard Street, Lancaster, change of use of dwellinghouse (C3) to hotel (C1), for Mr Martin Horner.

14/00424/FUL, Barnfield Farm, Tunstall Road, Tunstall, construction of two single storey extensions to existing agricultural building, for Mr Andrew Stephenson.

14/00431/FUL, Wellington Crag Farm, Starbank, Bay Horse, construction of two detached agricultural buildings with associated access, for Mr David Hough.

14/00433/FUL, Brades Farm, Farleton Old Road, Farleton, demolition of agricultural buildings and construction of an agricultural livestock building, for Brades Farm Dairy.

14/00439/FUL, Barrow Greaves Farm, barrow Greaves, Ellel, construction of two agricultural buildings, for Mr Bill Rhodes.

14/00456/NMA, Torrisholme Cricket Club, Barley Cop Lane, Lancaster, non-material amendment to approved application 12/00523/FUL to alter the location of enclosed outdoor cricket practice net, for Torrisholme Cricket Club.

14/00444/FUL, The King Edward, 50-52 Penny Street, Lancaster, construction of a new shop front; 14/00445/ADV, advertisement application for the display of an internally illuminated fascia sign and a non-illuminated projecting sign, for CeX Limited.

14/00446/CU, Cawtongue, Abbeystead Road, Over Wyresdale, change of use of barn into a residential dwelling (use Class C3) and enlargement of the existing dwellinghouse into the converted barn, for c/o Abbeystead Estate.

14/00486/CCC, Tatham Fells CE School, Lowgill Lane, Lowgill, construction of a rear extension and replacement of existing shed, for Children and Young People’s Directorate/Tatham School Governors.

14/00432/FUL, 77 Stanley Road, Heysham, construction of a single storey rear extension and a first floor extension, for N M Motors Limited.


14/00085/FUL, 25 Caton Green Road, 
Brookhouse, demolition of detached garage, 
construction of a two storey extension 
to the side and rear and a single storey garage extension to the rear incorporating a patio with balcony area on the garage roof, for Miss Sarah Huddleston.

14/00398/FUL, Sand Village Farm, Sandside, Cockerham, installation of two new windows to side and roof lights to front elevation, for Mr and Mrs R Jones.

14/00427/FUL, 147 Slyne Road, Bolton-le-Sands, construction of a detached garage to the rear and external alterations to existing roof, for Mr and Mrs D Lowe.

14/00434/FUL, Greenbank, St Michael’s Lane, Bolton-le-Sands, relocation of window on previously approved application 13/01115/FUL, for Mr and Mrs D Coyle.

14/00436/FUL, 118 Barley Cop Lane, Lancaster, construction of a single storey rear extension and associated ramps to provide disabled access, for Mr Tom Greenwood.

14/00437/FUL, 34 Watery Lane, Lancaster, construction of a single storey rear extension and demolition of existing garage and construction of a replacement garage, for Mr David Townson.

14/00440/FUL, 1 Chatsworth Road, Morecambe, alterations to reduce size of window openings of ground floor sun lounge, for Mrs Jane Dutton.

14/00455/FUL, 85 South Road, Morecambe, construction of a two storey side extension and a single storey rear extension, for Mr and Mrs N Whitely.

14/00460/FUL, 14 Ullswater Road, Lancaster, construction of a two storey rear extension, for Mrs Ursula Deriaz.

14/00467/FUL, 73 Willow Lane, Lancaster, construction of a single storey rear extension, alterations to existing single storey lean-to extension and removal of chimney, for Mr Paul Morphet.

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