Pizza maker in £1m lottery win

Gail Colledge has won �1,000,000 on the Euromillions raffle.
Gail Colledge has won �1,000,000 on the Euromillions raffle.

A mum of two from Carnforth is celebrating a £1m lottery win.

Gail Colledge, 53, who works part-time on the pizza counter at Asda in Kendal, scooped the cash in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle after deciding to use loose change in her pocket to buy a ticket.

The win came after a tragic start to the year for the former Carnforth High School pupil, who lost her husband, Trevor, 61, to cancer in February,

Gail is now planning a dream first-class trip to America to see her best friend who she has only seen once in the last 42 years.

But she said she had no plans to sell her home in Carnforth, where she was born and bred, or to upgrade her Citroen Picasso.

However, a make-over for her home is high on her shopping list and Gail, has already handed in her notice at Asda where she has worked on the pizza counter for three of her seven years with the store.

Gail, who has a daughter, Stacey, 26, in Lancaster, and a son, Graham, 24, in Hastings, said: “I absolutely love my job and have had many happy years serving pizzas and made lots of friends.

“But with a big lottery win like this I just feel I can give up work and have lots of free time to do exactly what I want to do.

“All of my money worries are gone, I can treat my family and I can go to see my friend in America and travel first class – something I never dreamed I would ever be able to afford.

“I have no intentions of moving house as I love my home but I have lots of plans for renovations and improvements.

“I think a new bathroom will be top of the agenda.”

Gail has played Lotto every Wednesday and Saturday since it launched and has had several £10 wins – but only plays EuroMillions when there is a big jackpot on offer.

She added: “I had spare change in my pocket so I thought I would buy a ticket. I never expected to be a big winner.”

Gail discovered she was a millionaire the day after the draw on July 12 after making her early morning coffee.

“I switched on the television to check my ticket and couldn’t believe it when I saw my raffle number on the television in front of me,” she said.

Unable to believe she had won, she checked her number on two other TVs in the house and with her glasses, before rushing to the Spar in Carnforth, where she had bought her ticket, to get confirmation of her win.

Gail, who previously worked in signals for the armed services and as a site supervisor at Nether Kellet Community Primary School, will now work her final three shifts at Asda before adapting to her new circumstances.

I love my job but when you have £1m in the bank you don’t need to work do you?” she added.