PICTURES: Thousands turn out to Morecambe Comic-Con

Visitors from across the country donned fancy dress for the town's second comic book festival on Monday (August 29).

Tuesday, 29th August 2017, 12:21 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:04 pm

Red Dwarf star Chris Barrie was bursting with praise for Morecambe as he signed autographs for fans at a comic book festival.The sci-fi actor described the town as his place to be as thousands queued to meet him at Morecambe Comic-Con.The Platform hosted the event for the second time this year and visitors from across the country came to see Barrie, known for playing Arnold Rimmer in TV series Red Dwarf. “I think Rimmer would enjoy Morecambe,” said Chris, who spoke to the Visitor whilst he signed autographs. “I think he would be impressed by the same things that I am impressed by actually, and that’s that it has still got a traditional feel, it hasn’t been mucked about with too much. “Of course the statue of Eric Morecambe, comedy genius and you don’t use that world lightly, he was a genuinely funny guy.“I haven’t had a chance to visit the Winter Gardens unfortunately but I hope the council throw a bit of money at it and preserve it, I hear that there has been a long term restoration scheme and it deserves to be kept in the shape it should be. The people have been absolutely brilliant, so my kind of place, I don’t know why I have left it so late to come here.” Andrew French visited Morecambe Comic-Con from Blackpool to meet his idol Chris Barrie. “I have met my icon,” said Andrew, who queued for 30 minutes to meet Chris. “He has signed the picture with one of his quotes which I am amazed at, it says ‘Smoke me a Kipper, I will be back for breakfast’ – any Red Dwarf fan will know what it means. “I was shaking, he is an absolute icon in my eyes and I am still star truck now, he was an absolute gentleman of a man.” Sandeep Mohan, Nick Joseph and Brian Wheeler, who have appeared in the original Star Wars Trilogy, in A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, also appeared and signed autographs at the event on Monday.A number of stalls selling sci-fi items and replicas were also present and interactive games were shown on stage throughout the event. Youtube star, Michael the Lunatic, real name Michael Gregory, also held special talks with visitors. Organisers Geeks Comic-Cons are still totalling the attendance up but believe around 1,000 came to the second event, which took on a Heroes and Foes theme.

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A few complained over lack of stalls but organiser Gary Jones said the layout was changed to create more space after complaints at the first event on Easter Monday.

“We are very pleased, it was really successful, a lot of people came up to us at the end thanking us for a good day,” said Gary. “All the stars loved, it was Nick Joseph’s birthday and he enjoyed it, I spoke to Brian Wheeler he had a great time, Chris Barrie was actually signing autographs after the show ended.”Organisers hope to return next year.