Thurnham Glasson schoolchildren were involved in a special project with Lancaster Port Commission to name their new boat Sea Quest.

Youngsters help name new boat at Glasson Dock

Children at Thurnham Glasson CE Primary School were given the chance to help name a new ship.

By Gayle Rouncivell
Friday, 3rd September 2021, 12:30 pm

Lancaster Port Commission ran a special project in conjunction with the school in Glasson Dock to name its new boat.

And the winning name was thought up by 11-year-old Katie Harrison, who - along with her school friends - saw the name being unveiled on the side of the boat in a special presentation.

Commissioners from Port Commission had visted the school last term to explain what sort of jobs the boat would be doing and other factors for them to take into account.

They said: "We have a long history working with the school and the Commission felt the creative minds of the children would do a great job of coming up with a name.

"The children were excited to take on the task and built it into some other work they were doing."

A few weeks later Commissioners and parents attended an afternoon event where the children sang and danced to sea shanties they had learned.

The Commission then received a painting from each child together with their suggestion for a name and the reason they had chosen that name.

"We heard from each of them in turn and were delighted with the ideas, work and imagination which had gone into the work they had done," they said.

Commissioners at the Port then had the very difficult task of choosing one name from all those received. A vote was taken and the name eventually chosen - although it was a close call.

"We are proud to announce that our workboat will be called Sea Quest and whilst we can only have one name, all children in school this year can be proud of the work they did to help us find the right name and this boat will serve the work in the dock for many years to come," the Commissioners said.

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