Warning made after Coastguard called out to several rescues during hot weather

Morecambe Coastguard Rescue Team has endured a busy few days - including missing children, drifting inflatables and 21 people cut off by the tide.

Morecambe Coastguard has been busy during the week of hot weather.
Morecambe Coastguard has been busy during the week of hot weather.

The team has been busy over the last week, with six call-outs in four days.

And the crew has now thanked the public for its help and vigilance in dealing with emergency incidents

In the last week, the Coastguard has:

*Saturday, 4.15pm - Prevented inflatables drifting away from Morecambe beach out towards Heysham

*Sunday 4.39pm - Helped following concerns for a swimmer who appeared to be struggling in the water

*Sunday 5.10pm - Helped locate and reunite three missing children with their family

*Monday 5.15pm Helped two young girls struggling in the water

*Monday 9.27pm - Assisted people quite far out from shore who were potentially being cut off by the tide

*Wednesday 9.15pm - Helped 21 people cut off by the incoming tide

A spokesman for Morecambe Coastguard said: "Morecambe Coastguard have worked closely with our neighbouring teams and RNLI Morecambe Lifeboat and Hovercraft.

"With high tides due next week we are expecting to remain quite busy. It’s great to have local residents who are vigilant to help keep people safe on the coast.

"Remember if in danger on or around our coastline call 999 and ask for the coastguard."