Splendid day out for Steampunks in Lancaster

Morecambe’s annual Steampunk festival ‘A Splendid Day Out’ will take place in Lancaster in 2020.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 12:02 pm
Steampunk festival, Sean Lightning and Ian Thomas from Shrewsbury. Picture by Mark Harrison.

Organisers made the announcement shortly after it was revealed that Morecambe Carnival will need a new venue after 2020 due to the proposed Eden Project in the town.

The organisers said: “There are big changes coming to Morecambe, one of them being the highly anticipated Eden project – which we’re very excited about.

“This particular adventure, however, has left us in a bit of a pickle.

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“With the proposed date of opening being 2023 we are hampered by the fact there will be a massive building site, possibly starting next year and taking up all the space with construction stuff.

“Where does this leave ASDO we hear you say? Well, after long thought and much discussion ASDO 2020 will be moving a little down the road to The Storey in Lancaster.

“This is a beautiful Victorian building adjacent to Lancaster Castle, with its own theatre, light and airy gallery spaces, reading room, garden, lecture theatre, and cafe bar.

“Thoroughly accessible, and a little Tardis-like, it is close to the city centre and all its temptations; it is a stunning building and promises to be a fabulous venue for the festival.The same format as before, the only part of the ASDO left out will be the outside attractions as there isn’t any space for them around the building.

“It does have a large garden area which will be utilised to its fullest extent and we will present the same quality of event as in previous years.

“ There are plenty of hotel spaces around the city, prices aren’t too different to Morecambe hotels and we’ll try and get a list of accommodations up on the website soon.

“Importantly the dates are slightly different too - May 29 – 31. 2020. A new chapter opens for us, perhaps when Eden has been completed and is functioning, they’ll want a Steampunk festival in their spaces, who can say?

“The programme will be announced shortly, and we think you’ll like it.”

A Splendid Day Out Steampunk festival has been held in Morecambe for the past few years and each year has a different theme.

Steampunks dress up in clothes from the Victorian era with accessories such as timepieces and goggles. Things to enjoy at the Steampunk festival include tea duelling, Steampunk acts and bands performing. Visit www.asplendiddayout.com.